Leslie Ray Ware








Born and raised in the high Rocky Mountains of Idaho and Utah gave me a great respect of Nature, and a keen insight into the beauty of my surroundings and the natural and man made world around me. I spent the better part of my upbringing hiking, camping, and exploring the mountains and river valleys of the Wasatch Range and in particular the Cache Valley of Southern Idaho and Northern Utah.

My first camera was a Brownie Instamatic at the age of 10.

 I belonged to a Photography club sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America, and we would spend weekends and after school exploring and photographing.

 I would spend the rest of my free time in the Library going through all their National Geographic, Life and Look magazines, studying the photography and Locations and dreaming of visiting these exotic and romantic locations.

My world travels began right out of high School when I joined the Military.

I was lucky enough to be stationed in Thailand where I would spend the next three years.

Being only 18 and living in Thailand opened my eyes to the world, and the door to my wanderlust.  Thailand is a beautiful country filled with temples and Ruins. Having only seen these exotic structures and landscapes in books and National Geographic magazines, was indeed enlightening and has stayed with me and molded my interests and subject matter of my Photography to this day.

 After my tour of duty in Thailand ended I was stationed in Germany for four years. Europe further heightened my desires to see and Photograph new, exciting and exotic locations around the World.

I bought my first Canon SLR while in Thailand and had access to a very well stocked darkroom and film. I studied Black and White Photography and darkroom techniques and printing in my spare time and also worked with and developed Ektachrome slides.

 The advent of Digital Photography and Imagery has directed my Artistic and Photographic development over the past years, to the point of my current full time involvement in the continuous study of the Photographic arts and digital imagery. The technologies and equipment continue to evolve and develop and who knows what the future will hold.


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